Namespace for Z-machine parse/translate module

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that they're trying to re-invigorate lists like]

I've written a module that parses Z-machine files[1] and translates
into executable Perl scripts.  In the future, it'll be translating to
other languages: first on the list is PIR.  I'd like to CPAN-ify it,
and wanted to ask about namespace.

Possible names:

* Language::Zcode - makes sense, but a Z-file contains more than just
  Z-code commands

* Language::Zmachine - makes more sense, except that Z-machine isn't
  technically a language

* Games::Zmachine - well, Z-machine isn't technically just for games.
  I say "technically" because the most "useful" Z-machine program I've
  seen is a Befunge interpreter.  But this module is really doing more
  munging than gaming.

* Zmachine - cute, in that it's like Sun:: or MacOS::, but it's
  starting a new top-level namespace, which is probably not considered
  cool. Especially since there probably won't be more than a couple
  modules ever written for this namespace.

* Perl6::Zmachine - just kidding. But Dan Sugalski's slide saying
     parrot -b:zmachine zork1.dat
  *was* the original impetus for my writing this.

I'm definitely leaning towards Language::something - maybe
Language::Zmachine since Z-machine is a more well-known term - but I
wanted to know what others thought.  Any better suggestions?

Existing modules:

* Games::Rezrov is an interpreter for Z-machine files.  It allows you
  to actually play said games.  I've stolen a bunch of its code, but
  my module is definitely doing different stuff, so it wouldn't make
  sense as a sub-namespace of G::R.  


-Amir Karger

[1]For those unfamiliar with the Z-machine, it's a virtual machine
for the Infocom text adventure games, and the less moribund
Inform interactive fiction programming language.
Files for the Z-machine contain some header information, tables
containing game data (objects in the game, etc.), text strings to
print, and a bunch of commands in Z-code. Z-code is Z-machine machine
language, which is made super-compact (in case you're curious) by
using as few bits as possible for each command and argument. Which
makes it even harder to read than regular machine language.

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