Namespace for new module: HTML::Template::HTX?

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Hi y'all,

Some time ago (in the summer of 2002) I've written a module for handling
HTML template files, kinda like the HTML::Template and related modules. The
module is built around the HTX template file format, which was used by the
web interface of Microsoft's Index Server back then.

Ever since I've been (professionally) using the module on a number of
websites, either for presenting results from CGI scripts, or for generating
HTML files offline. Recently I've upgraded the module somewhat to fit new
demands from me and my co-workers, and that's when I again thought of
publishing it on CPAN. I've always meant to publish the module, but I never
took the time to actually package it, write more tests etc.

I think the module should be called HTML::Template::HTX, which seems logical
and doesn't directly interfere with existing module namespace.

So, any thoughts, anyone?


Theo Niessink
MARTINIC Computers

Re: Namespace for new module: HTML::Template::HTX?

I wrote: ;-)
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Oops, I forgot to post the synopsis, so here it is. The full documentation
can (at least for now) be found at:

- Theo


    HTML::Template::HTX - Handle HTML Extension template (.htx) files

      use HTML::Template::HTX;

      $htx = HTML::Template::HTX->new('template.htx') or die "Oops!";

      $htx->param('counter' => 0);

      foreach(qw(I used to care but Things Have Changed)) {
          'counter' => $htx->param('counter')+1,
          'Name'    => $_,



      <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Sample results</TITLE>


       <H2>Sample results:</H2>

       <%counter%>. <%Name%><BR>


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