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Hello all

Proposed namespace addition: Domain::Register.TK

My employer is a domain registrar, for the .TK domain namespace (the
country of Tokelau), operating as Dot TK - see /

We've created an API (uses https GET requests and XML) to allow
partners to create, renew, and generally manipulate domains they own
via a simple programmatic interface.

In an effort to further simplify the process for these partners, we've
created a perl library to do the same thing, but leave the workings
obscured where they're not needed. This is *not* EPP - although there
is some functional overlap - both extra and missing functionality when
compared to EPP.

If anything, this is similar to Net::UKDomain::Nominet::Automaton ,
although with a cleaner name

Part of the reason for this name structure is that third parties could
create additional modules in the Domain::Register::xx space using
similar OO protocols for different registries.

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