Name wanted for module in construction

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I'm writing a module designed to work along with DBI to enable
database-independent SQL generation. I've seen DBIx::SQLEngine and
DBIx::Abstract, but I feel that the syntax is too verbose and the data
structures too nested. My module uses source filters and PPI to allow
you to write some Perlish code which is transformed. Syntax is nowhere
near fixed yet, but along the lines of:

$dbh->My::Module(table1, == 1 && eq "hello");
(a.k.a. select * from table1 where = 1 and =

or the more complex:

$dbh->My::Module([table1->table2(table1.a==table2.b)], table1.status =~
m/^Foo/ and (table2.a eq "a" || table2.a eq $foo));
(a.k.a. select * from table1 right join table2 on table1.a=table2.b
where table1.status like "Foo%" and (table2.a = "a" or table2.a =
$foo)) where $foo is interpolated at runtime.

Questions: am I reinventing the wheel? and if not, what should I call
it? I have in mind Filter::SQL or DBIx::Filter.



Re: Name wanted for module in construction

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 10:21:35 +1100, wrote:

Hi Luke

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Yes, you are :-)). There are far too many such modules on CPAN already.=
we don't need another one, especially one which forces the user to learn=
language/syntax (the one /you/ are embedding in Perl).

The point of CPAN is for all of us, yes including you and me, to re-use=

The same mistake is made repeatedly with HTML-based templating languages.

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