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My colleague and I have written a Tk graph module and wish to commit
it to CPAN. It is based on the existing CPAN module Tk::LineGraph, but
I believe we have changed it enough for it to become a different
module in its own right. The original Tk::LineGraph module can draw
multiple 2D line graphs with an optional second y-axis. The graphs are
zoomable and contain a legend. The main difference between our new
module and the original is that our's creates the graph as a widget
and not in a separate window. It therefore does not have the drop down
menus used to configure the graph in the original. Other additions/
alterations we have made are:

* Used Tk::Balloon to add coordinate pop-ups to data points.
* Running the cursor over a line name in the legend will highlight the
curve on the graph.
* Added a clearDatasets method for removing all datasets from a plot.
* Added support for a -noLine boolean attribute of datasets.
* Added support for a -noLegend option for datasets, allowing them to
be excluded from the legend.
* Added -redraw option to allow a callback to be added to draw
additional items onto the canvas when it is redrawn.
* Option for a logarithmic scale on the x-axis (previously this was
only available on the y-axis).

We have also found and fixed a number of bugs in the original code.

I was wondering what name we should give this new module. To my
knowledge there are only the following Tk graphing modules currently
on CPAN:

* Tk::LineGraph (obviously)
* Tk::Graph - Based on a Canvas widget like our module. It can draw
bar and pie charts, as well as line charts. However it lacks the
zooming capabilities of the Tk::LineGraph module.

I would like to check that there no existing modules on CPAN or
elsewhere that are similar to our module. Assuming that there are not,
I would like to suggest Tk::Plot as an appropriate name. This name has
already been used by Slaven Rezic, but his module is not on CPAN and
does not appear to be active (last modified Oct 2000 - /). Please can
anyone tell me if this name would be suitable? Or maybe even suggest a
better name we could use.

Tim Culmer

I.T. Dev Limited - Hardware & Software Development Services

Re: Name for a new Tk Graph module


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Slaven is likely the best one to reply to this.

Here are some other suggestions:

.. or various other combinations of 'zoom', 'plot', 'chart' and 'graph'.


Re: Name for a new Tk Graph module

Thanks for your response Jack.

We intend to call the module Tk::PlotDataset. Like Tk::LineGraph, the
module plots Tk::LineGraphDataset objects. We wanted to convey this in
the name, but also that it is distinctly different to the
Tk::LineGraph module. I feel the name we have chosen does this.

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