Mutual Circular Module Dependencies

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How do I avoid problems with modules that depend on each other -
without getting function redefined errors etc.

e.g. I have two classes in two modules. Once called country one called
town. Both call functions in the other so both have to 'use' the other
- which causes the errors. I could turn off strict and warnings but
I'd rather fix it properly.

Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Please I'm not interested in an argument about whether I should
have the mutual dependency in the first place - if you want that start
another thread!

Re: Mutual Circular Module Dependencies

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What errors? Can you post a short program that demonstrates the problem
you are having? It is possible for two modules to 'use' each other.
Perl will 'use' a module only once.

Possible solutions:

1. Combine the two modules into one.
2. Extract common members or methods and put them in a third module.

Jim Gibson

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