Modules Geo::OGC::Geometry and Gtk2::Ex::Geo

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Sorry this message went to a wrong thread first ... and I'm also
struggling with PAUSE: I get an error

The PAUSE indexer was not able to read the file. It issued the following
error: C< Could not open
'Geo-OGC-Geometry-0.01/lib/Geo/OGC/': Permission denied at
/home/k/PAUSE/cron/mldistwatch line 2290.>

I guess this may be because I made the tar.gz in Windows, retrying in

I've released a versions 0.01 of Geo::OGC::Geometry and 0.54 of

Geo::OGC::Geometry contains several classes in the Geo::OGC namespace.
The idea of the module is to implement the OGC (
simple feature geometry model, which is a standard in the geospatial
software domain. This initial release is usable mainly for storing
geospatial data since most of the methods for testing spatial relations
and the methods that support spatial analysis are not yet implemented.
The very basic computational geometry algorithms are however implemented
and the standard methods could be implemented using those.

The Gtk2::Ex::Geo contains basic classes for developing graphical
geospatial applications. It depends on Gtk2 and Cairo and implements a
GeoCanvas and a class whose objects can be used to manage a stack of
geospatial data that are rendered on the canvas. The Gtk2::Ex::Geo
version 0.54 is the first one that is almost pure Perl (there is minimal
  xs code, mostly to manage a Cairo surface and GDK pixbuf). There is a
root Layer class in the distribution that contains, e.g., a color system
dialog box, but it is meant to be an abstract class.

There are subclasses for Gtk2::Ex::Geo::Layer that build on Geo::GDAL,
which is a swig/Perl interface to the C++ GDAL library. The new versions
of these will be uploaded to CPAN in near future. The development
versions are available at /

Both of these modules are a part of geospatial software stack called
Geoinformatica, whose home page is at

These modules should be discussed on the geo-perl list:

Best regards,

Ari Jolma

Re: Modules Geo::OGC::Geometry and Gtk2::Ex::Geo

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I've uploaded quite a few Windows-built tar.gz files (built using GNU Win32
versions of tar and gzip) and not yet struck a problem with PAUSE ... though
I guess, faik, there could well be Win32 implemenations of tar/gzip that do
create problems for PAUSE.


Re: Modules Geo::OGC::Geometry and Gtk2::Ex::Geo

Sisyphus kirjoitti:
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I think it was my MinGW tar gzip that caused the problem since the Linux
made package went in nicely.

Thanks for the comment,


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