Module to read dar ("disk archive") archives ?

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does someone know about a perl module to read dar-archives ?
I would like to get at the meta-data (what files are present, what is the mtime
of the file, ... ?) and the files itself.

dar-archives are created using dar or kdar e.g. on GNU/Linux.
The format supports compression and slicing of archives to fit on CD/DVD media.

There are both cmdline (dar) and kde (kdar) utilities.
dar/kdar itself use a dar-library to access the archive.

I searched for a module at:
CPAN (but found nothing under Archiving)
Searched CPAN modules for 'dar' - but only got a big bunch of wrong hits, mainly
 for CalenDAR::....

Had a look at both the dar-homepage: /
and kdar homepage: /

So far I didn't find anything relevant.

Any further hints ?


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