Module namespace: Tie::Flatfile::Array

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I'm creating a module called Tie::Flatfile::Array. The module will allow
the user to treat a "database" flat-file as an array of arrays. This is
how my new module might be used:

use strict;
use warnings;
use Tie::Flatfile::Array;
use Fcntl;

my $packformat = 'A30N';

tie my @db, 'Tie::Flatfile::Array', 'my.flat',
     O_RDWR | O_CREAT, 0644, $packformat
     or die("tie failed: $!");

push @db, ['', 3461];
push @db, ['', 1449];
push @db, ['', 960];

local $" = "\t";
print "@{[ qw(SearchDomain Hits) ]}\n";

for my $ix (0..$#db) {
     print "@\n";

untie @db;


The $packformat specifies that each record will contain thirty ascii
characters followed by an integer in network byte-order (A30N). I think
the appropriate namespace for this module is Tie::Flatfile::Array¹. What
do you people think about the namespace and the module?

¹ A Tie::Flatfile::Hash may or may not be coming too.

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