Module name advice: Run::Emacs for probing emacs & running elisp

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I'm considering using the name "Run::Emacs" for a CPAN module
that works with the emacs installed on your system by shelling
out to it (it doesn't use Emacs::EPL).  There will be a few
different types of routines included, probably in two broad

  (1) Utilities for running elisp code:

      o building the emacs command with the right batch, eval
        and load options (and also "no-splash")

      o handling quoting of the elisp to pass it through the

  (2) Probing your emacs installation:

      o  what version of emacs is available

      o  what is the load-path defined by the user's init
         files (.emacs, etc.)

      o  is a given library found in the load-path?

(And further, I'll probably have some ancillary modules to do
things like extract emacs docstrings and display them in
other formats, such as html... "Run::Emacs::ExtractDocs"?)

"Run" doesn't seem like a bad place to put it in the namespace,
but I was wondering if there might be something available.

"Run::Emacs" describes very well the intent of the class (1)
routines, but perhaps it's not quite as accurate for the class
(2) routines that just provide information about your emacs
(though it does describe how these routines work internally).

Other possibilities like "Proc", "Exec", "Cmd", "Shell" don't
seem like they have quite the right shades of meaning.
Oh, and there's also a "RunApp::", but that looks like a specific
framework someone is working on (it's not too well documented,
unfortunately), and I suspect I should stay out of that namespace.

Actually, maybe it would be better to call it "Emacs::Run",
that would put it in parallel with things like "Emacs::EPL"...

Any comments?

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