Module for HTTP digest auth (client side)

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Hello fellow Perl developers,

I'm currently implementing a web application using Plack, and I'm
using digest authentication.  Providing digest auth on the server side
is simple enough using Plack::Middleware::Auth::Digest, but since I'd
like to test my application using Plack::Test, I need a module that
implements the client side of digest auth.  Also, I'd like to be able
to talk to my web application using AnyEvent::HTTP, so I would have
use of such a module there as well.  I have tried searching CPAN and
Google for "auth digest", "authen digest", "http digest", "http auth",
and "rfc 2617", but none of the modules I found fit the bill.  So I
thought I'd ask for this group's blessing (per recommendation of
perlnewmod) to create a new module, assuming no one can point out an
obvious implementation that I've missed in my search.  I was thinking
of calling the module "Authen::HTTPDigest".

Thoughts, comments, scathing criticism?


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