modperl and apache handlers

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Hi All,
I'm having some problems understanding the running order of apaches
protocol handlers.
I have written a simple mod-perl handler that handles all html request.

However I do not want my handler to interfere with RTSP and PNM
I want the normal protocol actions to be taken when these calls are
made (like apache does with imagine formats (.gif, .jpeg etc) and css.

Why does apache / mod-perl process the above file types as normal but
not .ra .ram etc?

What stage are they handled at? (my handler is called at the
PerlHeaderParserHandler  stage and under debug I do not see calls for
imagines etc).

How can I make apache avoid calling my code when a .ra .ram .rpm .mp3
etc URI is requested?

I hope my question is clear???

<Location /*>
PerlOptions +GlobalRequest
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all
PerlHeaderParserHandler +Dispatcher

Any help (direction to documentation) would be greatly appricated.
Happy Holidays

Re: modperl and apache handlers

> Hi All,


> I hope my question is clear???

Maybe try your question here:

> Any help (direction to documentation) would be greatly appricated.
> Happy Holidays

I think this might be good: /

But have a look thru these:

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Re: modperl and apache handlers

That was very useful and I have taken some of the advice given.
Since posting I think I have progressed further.

It's quite strange. I think the issue here is actually RTSP and the way
realplayer negotiates a stream.

I am now wondering if apache REALLY support RTSP natively? This could
be my problem. However I have another site that works (i.e. streams pnm
/RTSP requests ) on the same server  (using apache).
I cannot find any documentation stating either way.

RTSP also creates handler problem as the $r->method is a 'GET'  as it
is a html request.
I have regex'ed the uri  to identify RTSP request but I don't know what
to do afterwards. ( don't quite understand what happens when I DECLINED
the request )..


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