mod_perl2 won't work w/ActivestateP588 V.822

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On one of my systems, I'im following the actual
Win32 releases of Perl5 in order to check out and
decide what to install elsewhere.

I have an 'out of the box' install of Apache 2.2.4/Win32
(apache_2.2.4-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi ) with additional installed
APR-1 and apxs (.bat)

This config has an additional php5.2.3 module *and had*
a *perfectly working* mod_perl2 ((2.0.3, from source,
nmake built, VS6) which loaded the Perl-AP.588/8.20 dll
from  the Perl5/8.20 binary directory.

After upgrading the installation to AP.588/8.22, the
Apache2 crashes on startup when loading the new
perl58.dll from this (822) version. The upgrading
was done by a simple 'setup' over the old version
(no questions asked).

Reinstalling mod_perl2 (2.0.3, which went perfectly smooth)
did not help.

Anybody has some suggestions? Do I have to install the
Apache2 clean from scratch? Is this a 822 issue?

Regards & Thanks


Re: mod_perl2 won't work w/ActivestateP588 V.822

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Around build 818 they changed the @INC order, and they started placing the
non-core modules that shipped as standard with ActivePerl in the perl/lib
folder (instead of the perl/site/lib folder they had previously been placed
So if you were upgrading from (say) 817 to 819 you first had to remove 817 -
simply installing "over the top" would lead to problems.
But that shouldn't affect an upgrade from 820 to 822. I've just upgraded to
822 from 820 by installing over the top, and there have so far been no
issues - though I'm running neither Apache nor mod_perl.
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I guess you could try a re-install of Apache2, but I can't think of any
reason that should be necessary.
It sounds like an 822 issue .... are there any useful error messages
associated with the crash ?

The 822 CHANGES.txt states:

    *  Additional updates and bug fixes in the Perl internals have been
       applied (on top of the changes in build 821, which was only
       released on HP-UX). See the Changes file in the source distribution
       for the complete list.

Perhaps one of those bug fixes has introduced a binary incompatibility wrt
mod_perl. (I presume the "source distribution" they refer to is the build
822 source.)

Sorry ... can't really help at all.

If you can attract the attention of Jan Dubois (eg by posting to the
perl-win32-users mailing list) he might be able to provide some pointers.
And Randy Kobes is (or at least was) fairly active wrt
ActivePerl/Apache/mod_perl ... he might have some ideas ...


Re: mod_perl2 won't work w/ActivestateP588 V.822

Sisyphus wrote:
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Thank you very much for your response. After thinking the
unthinkable, I removed _any_ Perl stuff and directory
from this Win32-machine - including any perl and ativeperl
registry entries left over. So it was a clean "Perl free"

After rebooting, installing 5.8.8/822, installing
the ppm-binary of mod_perl for Apache22(!, there are
three variants now, beware ...) etc., the (untouched)
Apache.224 httpd did load the new perl dll and the without any problems.

I can't really say what the problem was, but
the solution thankfully did work as expected.

Regards & thanks


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