mod_perl2 passing env vars when doing internal_redirects

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i am porting a mod_perl module from mod_perl1 to mod_perl2.

the script does an internal_redirect and sets some environment-vars. if
the "check" is valid the "REMOTE_USER" is set. this works perfect in

        $r->log_error("Do the User Check ==> $check eq $key");
        if ($check eq $key) {
                # set REMOTE_USER
                # $r->connection->user($user);  # in mod_perl_1.x
                $r->user($user);                # in mod_perl_2.x
                $r->log_error("Redirect_User ==> $uri");
        $r->log_error("Do the Internal-Redirect ==> $uri");

the same code in mod_perl2 is not working. after chaning some mehtods
and do the "renaming" required for mod_perl2 the redirect is done but i
only get an environment var "REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER". how can i do an
internal redirect but set (or keep) the env-vars during/after redirect?



Re: mod_perl2 passing env vars when doing internal_redirects

just found out, that with apache 2.0.48 REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER is set in
internal_redirects if the new url is not protected via auth. so this
has nothing to do with mod_perl2 etc.
so we now have to look in REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER.

the old thing with "read the manuals"...


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