mod_perl2 failed to install do to mod_perl

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I have a RHEL 3 system with Apache 2 and perl 5.8 with PostgresSQL
8.1.3 newly build.  I am trying to install Apache2::NetLDAP and it
fails due to needing mod_perl2.

But mod_perl2 fails to install due to mod_perl/1.99_09 existing.  I
tried using the remove program found on the FAQ at, but it
fails to remove mod_perl.

Is there another way to remove mod_perl? How do I get mod_perl2
installed and mod_perl removed?

Re: mod_perl2 failed to install do to mod_perl

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How did you install mod_perl? If it's installed via the rpm package
management system, then also remove it using rpm.
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Re: mod_perl2 failed to install do to mod_perl

Thank you.  I installed it as a rpm package at initial installation of
rhel.  Again thank you for you help.


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