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: The first method, which I did not document at the following link,
: involves setting some keys to use the Perl.exe (executable) to
: run all .pl files and it requires a line inside ALL .pl documents
: to point where to the executable Perl.exe. And I did get that to
: work, but that's not the route I took as I'm more into getting
: mod_perl to run ALL files with the appropriate extension. And I
: believe I'm successful in this regards. But the PerlTaintCheck
: I've not quite figured out yet. Any suggestions?
: /

I'm prepared to state that mod_perl does NOT use and can NOT use
PertTaintCheck. I need some comfirmation from others before I make
this claim. It appears that Apache uses PerlTaintCheck to call
Perl.exe with specific parameters. But before I claim that to be
true, does anyone know what's going on? Is anyone else here
interested in this topic? I'm just going to crosspost this.

mod_perl is installed as follows in my httpd.conf file...

<snip file="httpd.conf">
# mod_perl 5.8 build
# LoadFile "C:/Program Files/ActiveState/Perl/bin/perl58.dll"

# mod_perl 5.10 build
LoadFile "C:/Program Files/ActiveState/Perl/bin/perl510.dll"
LoadModule perl_module modules/

# ...
# ...
# other Apache directives
# ...
# ...

<IfModule alias_module>
 <IfModule mime_module>
  # ...
  # ...
  # ...
  <Files ~ "\.(pl|plx)$">
   # DefaultType text/html # This DOES NOT work/commented out
   SetHandler perl-script
   Options ExecCGI
   PerlHandler ModPerl::Registry
   PerlSendHeader On
   # PerlTaintCheck On     # This does NOT work/commented out
   # PerlWarn On           # This does NOT work/commented out

# ...
# ...
# ...

Jim Carlock
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Re: mod_perl

Jim Carlock wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Should be fairly easy to confirm.  Just write some code that would fail
taint checking and load it into mod_perl at Apache startup.  Then look
for errors.  If there are some it works, if there aren't it doesn't.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

???  I only ever use Unix/Linux with mod_perl so may be barking up the
wrong tree here, but why would perl.exe be involved?  I'd expect it to
be using the shared library (perl*.dll) rather then any executable.

              Just because I've written it doesn't mean that
                   either you or I have to believe it.

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