MIME::Types 1.16 and OpenDocument

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I'm looking at the MIME::Types module in connection with parsing some XML
files and notice that all the OpenDocument MIME types are missing.  I'd
like to suggest adding them.

You can see a fuller list in Appendix C: "MIME Types and File Name
Extensions (Non Normative)" on page 697 of "Open Document Format for
Office Applications (OpenDocument)" v1.0.  OASIS Standard, 1 May 2005:

and more about OpenDocument here:

The format is becoming more common and probably will be quite common, at
least enough to warrant inclusion in the module. The specification has
been approved by one standards organization (OASIS, its creator) and has
been submitted to ISO. KWord, OpenOffice.org, Gnumeric, StarOffice, and
others are using OpenDocument.

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