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Advised by PAUSE to announce it, here is a new module that is a C source  
code translation to AST using the Marpa BNF parser.

The name of the module is MarpaX::Languages::C::AST, in alpha-stage.

Please note that this module is not a compiler, it is:
- (more than) a proof (of concept) that the Marpa parser is a mature and  
truely powerful BNF engine
- an implementation of the C ISO 2011 grammar on top of Marpa, with the  
dangling-else and typedef/enum/identifier ambiguities solved, so that a  
single parse tree value should come out when you feed it with a pure C  
source code.

I say pure C source code, i.e. no preprocessor directives, etc, that
could come out with another implementation on top of Marpa OOTD.

Regards, Jean-Damien.

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