MakeMaker and compiling/installing C/C++ programs

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I'm packaging up a bunch of perl modules for a future (limited) release
and came across the following problem.

Due to the fact that the Apache XML Security library doesn't have a
Perl interface I use two simple C++ programs as Unix filters to
sign/check XML signatures from within my Perl code. I know this is a
kludge. Going for a nice clean XS/SWIG intefacing to XML-Security is
planned for a second release, but right now it's "get that #$^&*& thing
running and forget about the beauty-contest"-time.

Anyway: so have these two simple C++ programs which are required by my
Perl module. Preferrably, I'd like MakeMaker to include compilation
and installation instructions for these programs as well. I've found
'MY::postamble' to add lines to the Makefile. Setting EXE_FILES doesn't
seem to have the desired effect. (The problem seems to be that MakeMaker
assumes that all C/C++ compiles will interface to perl on a link-level
basis whereas I need a completely independent compile.)

Any ideas? And if the answer is to forget about MakeMaker for that task,
that's fine with me as well.

-=-  Otmar Lendl  --  -=-

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