Mail::IMAPClient: access without recent flag modification

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Hi all,

I'm using with the Mail::IMAPClient perl module to handle IMAP
It works fine for me when I use it to access from my webmail, in
particular, changing the recent flag of the messages correctly.
However, I would like to build up an administration tools to allow me
to manage information related to my customers. For that, I need for
example to login as a given user in order to see how many messages he
has, how many of them are seen or unseen, or how much of them are
The problem is that when I do this access (as administrator) the
recent flag is changed, and I would not like to. An administrator
access of this mailboxes should not change the recent flags, because
this will afect the service.
Is there any way to access to a mailbox without changing the recent
flag? Something like an administrator access? Or there is some way to
restablish/change the recent flag?
How this can be done?

Thanks in advance

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