Mac OSX Tiger getting module to compile

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I was starting a module on mac OSX 10.4.3 Tiger    Perl version 5.8.6.
My module failed during the

Here's what I did as a test.
h2xs -n dogs
cd dogs
perl Makefile.PL

and the results are :
make: *** No rule to make target
needed by `Makefile'.  Stop.

It's true that config.h does not exist in teh CORE directory.

Re: Mac OSX Tiger getting module to compile

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I've no experience with Mac OSX. I suspect that there's a perl devel package
that contains the additional files you need, and that you need to install
that package. It would be on the OS installation disks - and probably other
places, too.


Re: Mac OSX Tiger getting module to compile

Sisyphus wrote:
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The existence of "make" implies that X Tools (the development package,
which typically comes with the OS) was installed. Unless "make" comes
from somewhere else (fink?). But maybe some option was missed.

I haven't made the step to Tiger yet, but the corresponding directory
under Panther (a.k.a. Mac OS X 10.3) contains:

$ ls /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level/CORE
EXTERN.h      fakesdio.h    mg.h          perlsdio.h    scope.h
INTERN.h      fakethr.h     nostdio.h     perlsfio.h    sv.h
XSUB.h        form.h        op.h          perlvars.h    thrdvar.h
av.h          gv.h          opcode.h      perly.h       thread.h
cc_runtime.h  handy.h       opnames.h     pp.h          uconfig.h
config.h      hv.h          pad.h         pp_proto.h    unixish.h
cop.h         intrpvar.h    patchlevel.h  proto.h       utf8.h
cv.h          iperlsys.h    perl.h        reentr.h      utfebcdic.h
dosish.h      keywords.h    perlapi.h     regcomp.h     util.h
embed.h       libperl.dylib perlio.h      regexp.h      warnings.h
embedvar.h    malloc_ctl.h  perliol.h     regnodes.h

and I can apparently do a successful "make" on the output of "h2xs -n
dogs" under both the default Perl (5.8.1 rc3) and Perl 5.8.6 (installed
in /usr/local/bin).

On a different Panther machine that lacks X Tools, the CORE directory
contains only "libperl.dylib".

I think I would look at the CORE directory to see what's there, but I
suspect that in the end you'll end up removing X Tools (hint:

$ perl /Developer/Tools/

) and then reinstalling, investigating any options and taking the ones
that look appropriate. If you have reason to suspect your X Tools
distribution you can download the latest from Apple. You have to sign up
for their developers' network, but that's free.

Tom Wyant

Re: Mac OSX Tiger getting module to compile

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Then you must not have the developer XCode tools installed (the file is
in my directory). XCode is an optional package that is not installed
automatically when Tiger is installed. Look for it on the distribution
disk or the Apple website (requires free developer registration, IIRC).

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