LWP::Simple getstore problem

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On my WinXP machine with Activeperl 5.8.8, I'm trying to download a jpg
file using getstore as follows:

use LWP::Simple;

getstore("http://mysvr.testenv.com/test001.jpg", "test001.jpg");


The resulting file is a broken image.

However, the same script running on my OpenBSD box brings the jpg file down

Any tips/hints, please?

Thanks in advance....


Re: LWP::Simple getstore problem

vt wrote:
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It could be because LWP not store file as binary. Try this:

use LWP::Simple;

my $content = get("http://mysvr.testenv.com/test001.jpg");
open FILE,"> test001.jpg" or die "Can't create file";
binmode FILE;
print FILE $content;
close FILE;

This code will work on Linux platform too becasue 'binmode' is meaningless under
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Re: LWP::Simple getstore problem

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Yes, utilizing binmode was going to be my next option. However, I have
seen feedback posted by some that say getstore works fine for binaries
under Windows. Until I get feedback from anyone who got it to work, I
guess I'll just go the binmode route.

Thanks, Petr....

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