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I'm trying to get web documents returned for analysis using the RobotUA part
of LWP::Parallel, but for some reason the callback function never completes;
specifically in the sample code below (output at end)  the line
print "We never get here.\n";
is never executed, which is where I would expect to call my analysis code.
What dumb error am I committing?

#! /usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use LWP::Parallel::RobotUA qw(:CALLBACK);
my $MAX_SIZE = 100000; #bytes

my $ua =  LWP::Parallel::RobotUA->new('foobar/1.0','foo@bar.com');
$ua -> delay(0.5);
$ua -> in_order  (1);  # handle requests in order of registration
$ua -> duplicates(0);  # ignore duplicates
$ua -> timeout   (2);  # in seconds
$ua -> redirect  (1);  # follow redirects
$ua -> max_hosts(5);
$ua -> max_req(5);

# register initial request
# this is the main (implicit) loop
my $something = $ua -> wait(15);

sub callback_for_parse {
  my ($content, $response, $protocol, $entry) = @_;
  print "handling answer from ",$response->request->url,": ",
length($content), " bytes, Code ", $response->code, ", ",
  if (length $content) {
    print "... received chunk ",length($content)," bytes, type
    if (length($response->content) < $MAX_SIZE and $response->content_type
=~ /text\/html/i) {
     print "... returning ",length($content)."\n";
     # print "content is :".$content."\n";
     print "response is :".$response."\n";
     print "protocol is :".$protocol."\n";
     print "entry is :".$entry."\n";
     return length $content;
     print "oversize or not text/html: content-type is ".$response ->
  print "We never get here.\n";
  return C_ENDCON;

sub addURL {
  my $url = shift;
  my $request = new HTTP::Request('GET', $url);
  $ua -> register($request,\&callback_for_parse);
  print "... registered request for $url\n";

# output
... registered request for http://www.cpan.org/
handling answer from http://www.cpan.org/: 4138 bytes, Code 200, OK
... received chunk 4138 bytes, type text/html
... returning 4138
response is :HTTP::Response=HASH(0x155b87c)
protocol is :LWP::Parallel::Protocol::http=HASH(0x2951c18)
entry is :LWP::Parallel::UserAgent::Entry=HASH(0x28e8da8)
handling answer from http://www.cpan.org/: 1665 bytes, Code 200, OK
... received chunk 1665 bytes, type text/html
... returning 1665
response is :HTTP::Response=HASH(0x155b87c)
protocol is :LWP::Parallel::Protocol::http=HASH(0x2951c18)
entry is :LWP::Parallel::UserAgent::Entry=HASH(0x28e8da8)

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