LWP::Parallel callback question

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In the README I see the following:

"You can define callback routines which will be called whenever a
connection is established, is cut off, new data comes in or a request
finishes. The subroutines can be global for all requests you
registered, or different for every single request. "

This sounds like it is possible to register individual requests with
individual callbacks that get called when the request finishes.  But,
it seems the only kind of callback that gets called when a request
finishes is global when we override the on_return method; it is called
for all request that are registered.  The individual callbacks for each
request get invoked as data trickles back in, and I have to concatenate
it.  I don't see any way to register an individual callback for a given
http request, that only gets called when the request finishes.

Is there some way to get a different callback for each request to only
be invoked once when the corresponding request completes?  Or do I need
to write some code to implement this behavior?  I don't want to go off
and re-invent the wheel in case I'm just missing the obvioius.

Any advice appreciated.

Re: LWP::Parallel callback question

robert.bradley@gmail.com wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What I did some time ago is using each request I created (and registered
with pua) as a hash key, with the value an object having a callback
handler associated with the request, and then something like:

my $entries = $pua->wait();

for my $key ( keys %$entries ) {

    my $response = $entries->->response;
    my $action = $key2action{ $key };

    $action->process( $response .... );

I have no idea if this is *the* way (I consider it quite clumsy), but
couldn't find a better solution in a short time, so I stuck with it.

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Re: LWP::Parallel callback question

Thanks John, I'm already creating a hash of the requests, so that would
be easy enough.  Another downside of this solution might be that the
notification of the callback doesn't happen until the last (and longest
request) completes...

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