lwp authentication on asp page

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I've developed a little perl program using the module LWP to download
italian stock pages, to make real time statistics.
To get these data I need to authenticate on an asp page.
The authentication is made at session level, so I need to authenticate
in the same program in which I download.
I've tried many methods depending on LWP, including
authorization_basic, $ua->credentials, Mechanize, but without result.
For sure there is no policy block by the webserver.
The data are publicly available, after authentication, provided that
they are for personal use only.
So it's only a technical problem. I missed something, but I don't know

Rather than list my failed tries, probably it's better to give to you
the infos to check it.

Login page is http://du.ilsole24ore.com/du/login.aspx

After login, the page I should download is:

My account for testing is: username='yer', password='man'.
You can directly use it, to see if your solution works.

Any help GREATLY, HUGELY appreciated !

Thank You


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