keylist for set_binding in Curses::UI

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I am learning Perl. I have one question about using the set_binding(
ROUTINE, KEYLIST ) method in the Curses::UI module/

"set_binding( ROUTINE, KEYLIST )
Bind the keys in the list KEYLIST to the ROUTINE. If you use an empty
string for a key, then this routine will become the default routine (in
case no other keybinding could be found). This is for example used in
the TextEditor widget."

I haven't found on the internet a definition of what they call KEYLIST.
The only thing I know is that to bind a ctrl-q sequence I have to use
"\cQ" but I don't know how to use keys like UP DOW, HOME, PAGEUP,...

Can someone help me to find the different values that I can give to the

Thanks a lot for your help !

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