Javascript::MD5 V 1.05

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The pure Perl module Javascript::MD5 V 1.05
is available immediately from CPAN,
and from .

On-line docs, and a *.ppd for ActivePerl are also
available from the latter site.

An extract from the docs:

1.05  Fri Oct 21 14:27:00 2005
    - No code changes (ouside new() ), so no need to upgrade
    - Simplify code in new() to no longer check if caller is an object
        as per the new standard on such matters. Personally, I don't care :-)
    - Add more things to MANIFEST.SKIP
    - Regenerate META.yml with Module::Build V 0.2611 to correct a faulty
        META.yml output by V 0.24 which falsely said 'provides: {}',
        which in turn stopped the PAUSE indexer from finding the file,
        which in turn meant this module was omitted from the master index:

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