Is there two dimension sequential access list?

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My project needs a two dimension sequential access data structure.
That is, there is a two dimension data. Each data has its four
neighbors, left, right, up and down except the data on four edges. The
distance in the four directions (L, R, U, D) is specific to each data
element. For each data element, we need one can move to one of its
four neighbors quickly from the distance parameters associate to that
data element(We know it and should store to each data element).
Because the result is a text file, I hope Perl can do the work. Do you
know how to do that in Perl? Thanks.

Re: Is there two dimension sequential access list?

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    perldoc perllol

See also:
    perldoc perlreftut
    perldoc perlref
    perldoc perldsc

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