IO::Socket::INET nonblocking confusing

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I am confused with the IO::Socket module

When I attempt to open a "blocking" udp socket with the following

my $sock = new IO::Socket::INET(
                   PeerAddr => $addr,
                   PeerPort => $port,
                   Proto    => 'udp',
                   Blocking => 1);
$sock or die "no socket :$!, $@\n";

It returns "no socket:......"

If I remove the "Blocking => 1" option, the socket is created
successfully. Anyone knows how to enable the "Blocking" option

Calling the following line afterwards:
   $len = $sock->recv( my $reply, 128);

As it is said that the default socket will be a "blocking" one, I
expect it to wait until there is new data. However, it returns
immediately, with an undefined $len.

Is it the normal behavior?

Re: IO::Socket::INET nonblocking confusing

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Complete with the ellipsis?  If not, what is the actual error message you

What is your OS and version of IO::Socket and IO::Socket::INET?

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What is in "$!" after recv returns?


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