invalid COMMPROP block length= 100......

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Hi there,

I've been trying to use Win32::SerialPort to read and write to a
'modem' GSM device on COM4. I can do this successfully through Windoze
XP using Hyperterminal, and can do this from a GNC C program I wrote,
but would like to use one of the Perl SMS modules to encode messages

I cannot for the life of me achieve the same thing I did in C in Perl -
it would appear to be able to talk to a 'standard' PC COM port - though
I have nothing attached to it.

My GSM device is on a USB connection, and in Perl whenever I try to
link to it with "new Win32::SerialPort" it gives the "invalid COMMPROP
block length" error, like all the other Perl programs I've tried to use
this port with! I've tried calling the port "COM4", "\.\COM4",
"\\.\COM4", "\dev\ttyS3" etc, but no joy. I'm using Cygwin on a
Windoze XP PC.

I discovered yesterday that USB is not supported by Perl. Should I
modify my C program to make a Perl-callable XS program, or is there a
way of doing it in Perl? I'm still quite new to the wonderful creature
that is Perl.

Thanks in anticipation.
Andy Burgess

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