Installation of: XML-DOM-1.44, XML-Parser-2.36, XML-RSS-1.47, XML-Simple-2.18

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- CPAN Forum Q&A, Installation of;

-- XML-Writer-0.606
-- XML-DOM-1.44
-- XML-Simple-2.18
-- XML-RSS-1.47
-- XML-Parser-2.36
As concerns the installation of the four items above, these errors are
continously flagged as an intervention to the process;

XML-Simple-2.18, flagged:
Checking installed modules... could not find ParseDetails.ini in C:
XML::Sax is installed, it will be used by the test suite
Could not open 'lib/XML/': No such file or directory at C:/
strawberry/perl/lib/ExtUtils/ line 2627.

-- XML-RSS-1.47, flagged:
Warning: Prerequisite DateTime 0 not found
Warning: Prerequisite DateTime::Format::Mail 0 not found
Warning: Prerequisite DateTime::Format::W3CDTF 0 not found
Could not open 'lib/xml/':No such file or directory at C:/
strawberry/Perl/lib/ExtUtils/ line 2627

-- XML-Parser-2.36, flagged*:
C:\strawberry\perl\bin > Perl C:\strawberry\perl\bin\XML-
Parser-2.36\ expatlibpath=c:\strawberry\c\lib
expathincpath=c:\strawberry\c\include PREFIX=..\lib\XML-Parser-2.36
Expat must be installed prior to building XML::Parser and I cant find
it in the standard library directories. Advised to download from;
If 'expat' is installed, but in non-standard directory, then use the
following options in order to '';
ExpatLibPath = ... to set the directory in which to find
ExpatIncPath = ... to set the directory in which to find 'Expat.h'

NOTE: Latest Attempt at Installation:
C:\strawberry\perl\bin>perl C:\strawberry\perl\bin\XML-
Parser-2.36\Makefile.PL EXPATLIBPATH=C:\Program Files\Expat 2.0.1\Bin\
EXPATINCPATH=C:\Program Files\Expat 2.0.1\Source\lib PREFIX=C:
\strawberry\perl\bin INSTALLDIRS=perl
Flagged Error:
Could not open '': No such file or directory at C:/strawberry/
perl/lib/ExtUtils/ in line 2627.
*The code extract reads;
    'open(my $fh, '<', $parsefile) or die "Could not open
'$parsefile': $!";'
an attempt to source and open a file, however at other regions in the
same source for '' there are references to 'MM_*.pm'
classifying it as an overrideable file type. There is still no
pointers to the path / directory for which this source is grabbed

-- XML-DOM-1.44, flagged:
C:\strawberry\perl\bin>Perl c:\strawberry\Perl\bin\XML-
DOM-1.44\ PREFIX=../lib/XML-DOM-1.44 INSTALLDIRS=perl
Warning: Prerequisite XML::Parser::PerlSAX 0.07 not found
Warning: Prerequisite XML::RegExp 0 not found
Could not open 'lib/XML/' : No such file or directory at C:/
strawberry/Perl/lib/ExtUtils/ line 2627

The later is inspite of running 'MkDir' @ 'C:\strawberry\Perl\lib\XML'

Mr Obiora Mbakwe Okwudili
BA(Hons) EM, Bsc IT

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Re: Installation of: XML-DOM-1.44, XML-Parser-2.36, XML-RSS-1.47, XML-Simple-2.18

On Mar 6, 1:15=A0am, ""
Quoted text here. Click to load it

My build of Strawberry Perl came with XML::Parser-2.36 already

C:\>perl -MXML::Parser -e "print $XML::Parser::VERSION"

It should, however, build and install fine if you follow the
directions given in the error message.
Note that the expat headers and library are already included in C:/
strawberry/c/include and C:/strawberry/c/lib - and it's probably best
to use them instead of the ones you've got in C:/Program Files.

Try building each of these modules manually - ie extract the source to
some location, cd to that location and run:
perl Makefile.PL (with EXPATINCPATH and EXPATLIBPATH args for
dmake test
dmake install

And attend to the errors as they arise. (Or post again for help with
specific issues.)
Install any missing prerequisites that are listed during the 'perl
Makefile.PL' stage before going onto the 'dmake test' step.

It's unusual to be building modules under the perl/bin directory. It
may not matter, but I would recommend building them in a location
that's completely outside the perl tree.

It's not at all clear to me why you're getting errors relating to,, and at the 'perl Makefile.PL'
stage. I've not seen that before and there's nothing to tell us what's
causing them. I can only assume that you're doing something that
you're not supposed to do - but there's no guarantee that assumption
is correct.


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