Image simplification and interpretation modules

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Hello all; this is a first time post for me as I've led a very sheltered pe
rl life in a fairly closed sourced organization.  This has hampered my perl
 skills and so I'm striking out a bit and operating out of my particular bo
x.  And one thing I must do is familiarize myself and become comfortable wi
th contributing to and assisting on the CPAN.  (I'm also going to soon be g
iving a presentation on my experience with this at a local perl mongers mee
tup, so I must get off my butt.)

Introductions aside, I have a couple scripts bent upon first simplifying im
ages passed to it (think large blobs as would be typical on a color coded m
ap image that need their edges simplified) and another that (attempts to) s
can the simplified image and identify each unique shape, turning them essen
tially into consistent vectors (think, for example, image maps for HTML or  
other purposes.)

First question, then, is... am I duplicating the wheel here?  Any pointers  
as to where I might find similar work?

if not... second question is, is there a namespace where these would be app
ropriate submissions?

third?  what should I be asking that I'm not?

Thanks all...  

~joshua eric turcotte (JET on pause.)

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