HTTPS URLs monitoring

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On AIX, I have a script that checks URLs availability with the
Lwp::UserAgent module.

It has been checking HTTPS URLs without any problem, but since the
OpenSSL and OpenSSH versions has been updated, I have an error message
saying that HTTPS is not supported.

I don't have the Crypt::SSLeay module or the IO::Socket::SSL module
installed and it has always been working fine. I think that when
Lwp::UserAgent had been installed, it had been able to determine where
the SSL library necessary to perform HTTPS request were located...

I have tried to reinstall the Lwp::UserAgent, but it is still the same
Any idea?

oh, by the way, I can make it work if I manually set the LIBPATH
variable to "/opt/freeware/lib"....but the way my script is being run
doesn't allow me to put that value in the variable...

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