HTTP Header variables empty ( randomly ) with mod_perl

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Ok, I've troubleshot this for ages and now I'm turning to the experts.

I am testing out mod_perl on our site. I read all of the mod_perl docs
and guides and started with one script, index.cgi. I updated the script
to use strict and cleaned it up for mod_perl.

I then add it to httpd.conf like this:

LoadModule perl_module modules/

<FilesMatch "^index\.cgi$">
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlHandler ModPerl::Registry
        PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
        Options +ExecCGI

index.cgi not works great. Actually 2 times faster... the problem is,
for some weird reason, some other scripts from time to time give an
error indicating that they didn't receive any POST variables on the

If I disable mod_perl completely, we never have any problems.

The weird thing is that the other scripts on our site aren't even
configured under mod_perl. As you can see above, we only include

Firstly, I am baffled a to how mod_perl is affecting other scripts
which aren't even under mod_perl. Can simply enabling mod_perl affect
other scripts?

Secondly, what could cause this to happen? Essentially, it seems that
all POST variables are empty. I hit refresh and it's fine. I get the
error roughly 1 in 75 times, it's very rare but under heavy load happen
alot more.

I can't consistently recreate the error and under httpd -X I can't
regenerate the error consistently either.

Please help!

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