HTML::Form, Multiple select Elements with Same name

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Hi all,

I have a form that has multiple <select> elements that have the same
name.  This is so that the destination script can deal with all of them
as an array.  <select multiple> is not appropriate because the order in
which options are chosen is significant.

A simple version of the form might be

<form action="" method="POST">
<select name="m">
<select name="m>
<input type="submit">

Works great.  The handler script works wonderfully.

However, when I try to test it all with WWW::Mechanize, there's a
problem with HTML::Form, which parses it out to be (effectively) a
single select with 6 options.

I don't see anyway to make HTML/ parse this correctly without one
of several really unpleasant modifications.  I don't want to have to
change the names of the <select> elements to be unique (e.g. m1, m2),
because then I'd have to add code to the handler script to put these
parameters into an array.  I get that effect automatically with the
current naming.


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