How to log the output of Mime::Lite ?

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I have this simple Mime::Lite script quoted below.
It works alright.
But I would like to trace the result of the output.
Something like
set -x in ksh
or anything else similar.
Or some logging?
What should I do and where should I put it?



use MIME::Lite;
use Net::SMTP;

my $from_address =';
my $to_address = '';
my $mail_host = '';

### Adjust subject and body message
my $subject = 'A message with 2 parts ...';
my $message_body = "Here's the attachment file(s) you wanted";

### Create the multipart container
$msg = MIME::Lite->new (
  From => $from_address,
  To => $to_address,
  Subject => $subject,
  Type =>'multipart/mixed'
) or die "Error creating multipart container: $!\n";

### Add the text message part
$msg->attach (
  Type => 'TEXT',
  Data => $message_body
) or die "Error adding the text message part: $!\n";

### Add the ZIP file
$msg->attach (
   Type => 'application/zip',
   Path => $my_file_zip,
   Filename => $your_file_zip,
   Disposition => 'attachment'
) or die "Error adding $file_zip: $!\n";
### Send the Message
MIME::Lite->send('smtp', $mail_host, Timeout=>60);

Re: How to log the output of Mime::Lite ?

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At the beginning of your script:

open LOG, ">>/path/to/logfile" or die "Can't open log: $!";

Then, throughout your script, whenever you want to write something to the

print LOG "Whatever you want to put in the logfile";

And at the end of the script:

close LOG or die "Can't close log: $!";


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