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Hello. Newbie here.

I've been able to implement 2 out of 3 functions for a client using
SOAP::Lite. In all cases $endpoint is a full URL pointing to a WSDL
document. And in all cases I suspect I'm doing things a bit oddly,
though functions 1 and 2 give me what I want.

 1st function works nicely...

 my $reply = SOAP::Lite
 -> service($endpoint)
 -> SystemCheck($uid,$pwd,$src);

 This returns $reply as 0 or 1 depending on the validity of the Password
and User ID.

 2nd function also works nicely...

 my @optionlist = SOAP::Lite
 -> service($endpoint)
 -> GetCountryOptionList();

 This returns a stream of HTML <OPTION> values to $optionlist[1] which I
can parse, sort, and drop into a <SELECT> pop-up menu.

 3rd function doesn't work as expected...

 my $response = SOAP::Lite
 -> service($endpoint)
 -> ProcessData($uid,$pwd,$firstname,$lastname,$add1,$add2,$add3,$add4);

 Like the first example, this *should* return a 0 or 1 to $response but
I'm getting nothing. I'm also not sure how to check the values of fault
as $response->fault causes an undefined method error.

 Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Help with SOAP::Lite

Not to worry. Looks like I was making a really basic error: trying to
pass a string to the Web Service when it was expecting an integer.

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