Help with SNMP get_request

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When I run the perl code I get the following:
<<<< OUTPUT >>>>
Session: Net::SNMP=HASH(0x85123b4)
Disk Info: HASH(0x8143750)

I'm just starting to use the NET::SNMP module and i'm not sure what I'm
doing wrong.

Thanks for the help

my ($session, $error);
if ($o_snmp_ver eq "2c")
    # SNMPv2 Login
    ($session, $error) = Net::SNMP->session
        -hostname  => $o_host,
        -version   => 2,
        -community => $o_community,


print "Session: ",$session,"\n","Error: ",$error,"\n";

#Build the OID string
$oid_to_get = $drive_model_trgt . "." . $o_ctrl_num  . "." .

#Get disk status
if (!defined($disk_info[1] = $session->get_request($oid_to_get)))
    print "ERROR - Target: ",$o_host,"\n";
    print "Community: ",$o_community,"\n";
    print "OID: ",$oid_to_get,"\n";
    print "Error: ",$error_msg,"\n";


print "OID: ", $oid_to_get, "\n";
print "Disk Info: ",$disk_info[1], "\n";

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