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I have an excel file and want to read this file using Perl in cygwin.
and i want to write data in txt file

Excel file format

1100028 : /////// : ///////
1100028 : ///==== : /////////
1100030 : ///// : ///////
1100031 : ///// : /////

Ouput File Should look like


above means
for 1100028, there are 3 pairs with min and max values and for 1100030,
there are 2 paris with min and max values, for 1100031, there is 1 pair
with min and max values.

Can anybody help pls

u can contact me

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Much better. However I would still like to see the group names added.
Patially this is just out of interest.

More significanly with the group names included, those people who don't
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Re: Help Perl and Excel--Multiposted

Brian McCauley schreef:

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No. The <enclosing> is meant to give a news-client a chance if the URI
gets wrapped.

See the APPENDIX section of RFC 1738 (or Appendix C of RFC 3986). In
those days (1994), the proposed format was <URL:scheme:...> but the
"URL:" part never got popular (and even causes problems with some

<quote source="rfc2396">
   The prefix "URL:" (with or without a trailing space) was recommended
   as a way to used to help distinguish a URL from other bracketed
   designators, although this is not common in practice.
      Yes, Jim, I found it under " /",
      but you can probably pick it up from <ftp://ds.internic .
      net/rfc/>.  Note the warning in < /

The 'news:' should be there, not just because popular clients
irrevocably default to 'mailto:' but because it is RFC compliant.

See RFC 3986 (updates 1738; obsoletes 2732, 2396, 1808).

Affijn, Ruud

"Gewoon is een tijger."

Re: Help Perl and Excel

Kahan wrote:
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Have a look at H. Merijin Brand's excellent Spreadsheet::Read.

Jim Ford

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