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Can anybody help with examples on reading a serial port.
Even after reading through the win32::serialport  CPAN pod  my attempt
to write a working code is gone futile.
I am trying to read a barcode  with a scanner.

Please do help


Re: help on win32::serialport

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I think your best chance of success would be to post to "Seekers of Perl
Wisdom" at perlmonks. Another option would be the 'perl-win32-users' mailing
list hosted by ActiveState, though it's really low volume these days. That's
not to say that there's no-one here who can help, but you've given us very
little to work with.

Wherever you post, it's better to provide a copy'n'paste of some code that
you've tried (along with a copy'n'paste of the error messages it generates).
That way, even if there's no-one around who can actually answer the
question, there might be someone lurking about who can see a fault in your
code and provide a correction.

Google might also be able to help out. I tried

I couldn't see anything there that stood out as a likely solution, but I
didn't actually follow any of the links.


Re: help on win32::serialport

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Atast i could figure out how it works.if anyobdy else searching for
the same here is the code.
This reads the barcode with the help of scanner.This is a basic
code.Ofcourse need to be modified for realtime use.

use strict;
use Win32::SerialPort;
sub openPort($);
sub closePort($);

my $bar;
my $DEVICE = "COM1";
my $data=0;
my $serial =openPort($DEVICE);
print $bar;

sub openPort($)
    my ($device) = @_;

    my $serial = Win32::SerialPort->new ($device, 1);
    die "Can't open serial port $serial: $^E\n" unless ($serial);

    return $serial;

sub closePort($)
    my ($serial) = @_;

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