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I'm using Win32::GUI::AxWindow to display MS-Word document on the
But once the AxWindow loads MS-Word file, Windows' error message pops
up and the program terminates automatically. The pop up says that
there was "Perl command line interpreter error". It only happens with
Word files and not with Excel sheet.

Is this bug in the module or am I doing something wrong. Your  answer
would save me a lot of time, thank you.

Ashish Rai.

Below is the code:

-This is exactly the same code as shown in samples in except
I'm loading ms-office document.

use Win32::GUI();
use Win32::GUI::AxWindow;
my $Class = 'Shell.Explorer.2';
my $file = "C:/temp/RS.doc"; # ms-word doc
#my $file = "C:/temp/RS.xls";  # ms-excel

  # Main Window
  $Window = new Win32::GUI::Window(
      -name  => "Window",
      -title => "Win32::GUI::AxWindow test",
      -pos   => [100, 100],
      -size  => [400, 400],

  #Add a web browser ActiveX
  $Control = new Win32::GUI::AxWindow (
      -parent   => $Window,
      -name     => "Control",
      -control  => $Class,
      -pos      => [0, 0],
      -size     => [400, 400],

#Register some event
      sub {
          $self    = shift;
          $eventid = shift;
          print "Event : ", @_, "\n";
          } );

  # Call Method

  # Event loop

  # Main window event handler

  sub Window_Resize {
      if (defined $Window) {
          ($width, $height) = ($Window->GetClientRect)[2..3];
          $Control->Move (0, 0);
          $Control->Resize ($width, $height);

  sub Win_Terminate
            return -1;

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