GraphViz in Windows hangs

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I am using perl in windows and want to use the GraphViz module to
interface with GraphViz.  When I run any simple example program, a cmd
prompt window for dot.exe opens and hangs there.  My perl script
creates the output file but it is empty.  Does anyone know how to get
GraphViz to work on Windows???

Re: GraphViz in Windows hangs

Make sure you have the latest version of IPC::Run installed from CPAN.

Re: GraphViz in Windows hangs

I have the latest available version [0.79].  I haven't heard that
suggestion before in any of the user groups.  Does anybody have any
other ideas?
First of all, does it sound like an issue with Perl or with GraphViz?

Re: GraphViz in Windows hangs

Since GraphViz does work on Win32 just fine, it's got to be something
wrong with your particular instance.

Are you sure you have installed the latest version of GraphViz?
What version of Perl are you using?
Have you tried typing "r" at the CPAN prompt to see what installed
modules have newer versions available on CPAN?

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