Getting started with Berkeley DB XML

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Im a new user of Berkeley DB XML n have to develop a front end
Application (in .NET using VC++ or C#) tht provides GUI n facilities of
Berkeley DB XML to users on button clicks, in addition provide import
export facility among Berkeley DB XML, Access n SQL. Also web based
manipulation of these functionalities.
 According to my knowledge I have to make objects of the APIs in my
application n call their all methods. In addition,I have to use C# web
services for web based manipultaion. But how to implement web based
manipulation if I use C++ APIS n work in VC++?
For import export I have C# classes, XmlTextReader n XmltextWriter but
how to implement import export if I use VC++ n C++ APIs?
Im unable to locate any engine(service tht might act as backend engine)
in the software folder.How to install n configure Berkeley DB XML on
Also unable to locatethe general APIs in the folders.
Im better acquainted with C# n would it be easy to do implementtation
using Berkeley DB XML 2.1.8 n C# APIs by Parthenon? please anyone help
me reagrding this, am I on the right track?

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