Getopt::Mixed::Help 0.25 available (modified usage!)

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I just released a new version of Getopt::Mixed::Help, which should be
available shortly as

The major change is cutting the dependency to the underlying
Getopt::Mixed.  Internally Getopt::Mixed::Help now uses Getopt::Long
as that's part of the standard distribution.  The old name and of
course the interface is kept stable to avoid changes in any using Perl

Some changes affect those calling a script using Getopt::Mixed::Help
due to the changed base though, e.g. Getopt::Long does not support
using short options followed by '='.  See the documentation of
Getopt::Mixed::Help for details.

       Getopt::Mixed::Help - combine "Getopt::Long" with usage and help

           use DEFAULT_LOOPS => 10;
           use Getopt::Mixed::Help
               ('<filenames>...' => 'filenames to be processed',
                'ENV' => 'SCRIPT_OPT_',
                'ENV_' => 'SCRIPT_OPT_',
                'd>debug:i number' => 'turn on debugging information (*)',
                'e>execute' => 'do it without asking for confirmation',
                'f>force' => 'override all safety checks',
                'i>interactive' => 'asks for confirmation before doing it',
                'l>loops count' => 'number of loops to do',
                => 'just print what would be done without doing it',
                'q>quiet' => 'suppress all information',
                's>summary' => 'print summary information on exit',
                'v>verbose:i number' => 'turn on verbose information (*)',
                '(*)' =>
                '(*) You may add a positive integer for a higher level.'
           if ($opt_...

           export SCRIPT_OPT_INTERACTIVE=1
           test_script -d -v 2 --summary some_file.ext other_file.ext

       Getopt::Mixed::Help is a simplified interface to Getopt::Long
       (formerly to Getopt::Mixed, thus the name) adding usage (help)
       functionality.  It automatically adds the options -?, -h and
       --help (the last two configurable) to print the usage text.  It
       allows to get option values from the environment (if the
       operating system it runs on supports environment variables).
       It can automatically get default values from Perl constants.
       It can also add different flavours of support for multiple
       options.  Finally it supports debugging output of the options

       So like Getopt::Mixed and Getopt::Long it is (just another)
       module that parses options passed on the command line into
       variables while removing them from @ARGV.  Only normal
       parameters remain in @ARGV.
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