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I am sorry if the following questions are very basic.  I
have been using Matlab for a long time and don't have much
experience outside Matlab.  I am considering using perl and
or java for my next project.

I downloaded active perl (for Windows XP), and other win32
packages including ODBC.  And have been testing the
connection successfully.

The program I am developing reads data from SQL Server 2000,
performs some analysis including linear optimization, then
output report I HTML and also spreadsheet if possible.

The part hat I am still unsure about is whether the Math::LP
package in CPAN would work on Windows OS.  And if so, is
there a known problem or limitation I should be aware of.
The optimization has in the average of  20-30 variables.
And for some run may go up to 2-300 if vectorialized.

The second part that I am not sure of is Spreadsheet output.
I saw two packages, on Spreadsheet::Perl, and
Spreadsheet::Excel.   Anyone care to share your experience
with them?  The pros abnd cons....

Thanks you so very much,

Re: General question on CPAN perl modules

packat wrote:

> The part hat I am still unsure about is whether the Math::LP
> package in CPAN would work on Windows OS.  

Here's how to approach such a problem.

1.  Has ActiveState been able to build a PPM package for that
distribution for Windows?

Answer:  No.  Bad sign.  See:

2.  Has the package passed testing at cpan-testers?

Answer:  Ambiguous.  Hasn't been tested on Windows.  See:

3.  Does the distribution include an XS file which would imply need for
a C-compiler?

Answer:  Nothing listed in MANIFEST.  Good sign.  See:

4.  Does the distribution have prerequisites which would require
C-compiler or other obstacles?

Answer:  Makefile.PL
( does list
prerequisites.  You'd have to go into each of those to look for trouble

5.  Any other potential trouble spots?

Answer:  Yes.  The README says:  "It uses the lp_solve library as the
underlying solver."  Danger, Will Robinson.  Do you have that library?
Do you know what it does?  (Other than what the README says, I don't.)
If so, that's probably the obstacle to building on a particular OS.

Let us know if you have any luck.

Jim Keenan

Re: General question on CPAN perl modules

Jim Keenan wrote:
Great Ifo.  Thaks.

The LP solver will be the last component to build.  (It is
only an option in the appliction, to optimize the result).
I will check it out soon and report the result.  If fail,
there are other alternatives we can take or even build our
own :-( simple version, customized to our need.

Thanks again Jim,

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