GD::Graph with Image Map implementation question

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  I currently have two embedded perl pages, one that gathers a bunch
of data and displays it (view.epl), and another that returns a gif
image of the data with GD::Graph (graph.epl)  The first page calls the
second page in an img src=graph.epl?data=1,2,3 format

  Right now, I am working on turning the lovely mixed graph image into
an image map by using the get_hotspot() function so that when I
mouseover the bars or lines, the actual data is displayed, but it
seems like my design is not capable of doing this since the GD::Graph
is only in an img file, and the html file doesn't know about the

  I was wondering if anyone had done anything like this before and
would have any suggestions?  I guess I could do away with the graph
epl and just print out the graph to a file in the main view.epl,
getting the hotspots at the same time.  But writing to a file every
time seems superfluous and like it might leave the possibility of
concurrent users overwritting their graphs.  Is there a better
approach to take?

Thanks a lot,

Re: GD::Graph with Image Map implementation question

On Jun 27, 3:10 pm, wrote:
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What I ended up doing just to have it working is re-create the graph
in the main html page, since I have all the data there, solely for the
purpose of grabbing the hotpsots (still using the image link to
another graph drawing page).  This worked ok as a quick fix, but still
doesn't feel quite right.


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