FreeDB lookup error with Audio::CD

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When I do a $cddb->lookup() twice in a row for the same disk, the
second lookup fails.

Short demo:

  #!/usr/bin/perl -w

  use strict;
  use Audio::CD;

  sub run_test {
        my $device = shift;
        my ($cd, $cddb, $data, $info, $cddb_t, $info_t, $i);

        print "==== testing $device ", "="x40, "\n";
        $cd = Audio::CD->init( $device );
        $cddb = $cd->cddb();
        $data = $cddb->lookup();
        $info = $cd->stat();
        $cddb_t = $data->tracks( $info );
        $info_t = $info->tracks();

        printf "Disk ID = %08x\n", $cddb->discid();
        printf "Artist = %s\n", $data->artist();
        printf "Album  = %s\n", $data->title();
        printf "Genre  = %s\n", $data->genre();
        printf "Tracks = %d\n", $info->total_tracks();
        printf "Time   = %2d:%02d\n", $info->time();
        printf "Length = %2d:%02d\n", $info->length();
        for ($i=0; $i<=$#; $i++) {
                printf "%2d:%02d . %2d:%02d %s\n",

  run_test( '/dev/cdrom' );
  run_test( '/dev/cdrom' );

The second call to run_test() produces blank data from the lookup().
It seems as though the module calls cddb_generate_unknown_entry() for
some reason.  Am I failing to reset the module somehow?  I'd really
like a work-around for this problem.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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