Found problem in Mail-SpamAssassin-2.xx causing build failure onwin32

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A quick look at the test results on CPAN for Mail-SpamAssassin at reveals a common
point of build failure on Windows, at least between version 2.55 to 2.63
(current release).

I encountered this error myself, and found the offending line of code in
the Makefile.

The problem is easily fixed by locating the following line in
Makefile.PL and escaping the double quotes around the defines.

Quite simply, change this (all one line in the Makefile.PL):
'PM_FILTER' => '$(PERL) build/preprocessor -Mconditional $(FIXBYTES)
To this:
'PM_FILTER' => '$(PERL) build/preprocessor -Mconditional $(FIXBYTES)

I very seldom visit the Perl related news groups; should I be reporting
this directly to the author or will a post to comp.lang.perl.modules


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