Forcing use LE for UCS-2?

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As some user(s) of MP3::Tag report, some Win* software does not
support UCS-2-encoded fields in the tags.  The standard requires
UCS-2 encoding, but M$/Apple software supports only the LE-flavor of UCS-2.

Of course, it is hopeless to expect that M$/Apple would fix their
problems.  So I need to do in on the other end, and write
UCS-2-forced-LE even on big-endian machines.

Currently, MP3::Tag::ID3v2 relies on to do the encoding; and
I expect the Encode would choose the native flavor of UCS-2 for write.
I may always try to write my own encoder (this would need a change of
program logic, since currently it is just a hash containint needed
encodings), but maybe there is a way to ask Encoder to choose the LE


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