First time module installation - questions

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I've downloaded the Curses-1.23 module from CPAN and am attempting to
install it on my Solaris 8 system.  I've not installed Perl modules
before and I'm looking for some clarification on instructions in the
included INSTALL file that comes with the module.

Evidently I need to set in my environment or on the command line a few
variables: CURSES_CFLAGS and CURSES_LDFLAGS to point to where the C
ncurses libraries and headers are.  I'm a bit at sea over the exact
syntax of these lines.  I have Ncurses installed in /usr/local/lib
which means I have /usr/local/lib/libncurses* files and a /usr/local/
include/ncurses directory with various header files.  So I guess I'm
asking if I have the syntax of the variables right when I enter:

setenv CURSES_CFLAGS "-I/usr/local/include/ncurses"
setenv CURSES_LDFLAGS "-L/usr/local/lib -lncurses"

(That's a capital "eye" on the first line and a lower case "L" on the
second one, in front of ncurses)

Re: First time module installation - questions

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It is an unusual module if it forces you to set these.
Especially as you locations seem to be about the default.
Usually, the "perl Makefile.PL" step will set these for
you in the produced Makefile.
I don't look into this module.

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The first one, for the cpp preprocesseor, depends on
the syntax of the include directives, in the C files.
I guess you'd find patterns such as:

#include <ncurses/xxx.h>

in which case, "-I /usr/local/include" is all what is needed.

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Standard lines for the preprocessor and the linker

Don't be afraid: try.
Before you have done "make install", you have
not harmed your system.


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